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Not the kind of fly Fisher who wants an expensive and luxurios lodge?

You asked for it…

The Strobel Lake of patagonias Santa Cruz province offers the most stuning rainbow fisherey and has  become famous for its greatest abundance of truly trophy sized trout anywhere on Earth.

Beside our core program we offer a low-cost access to this lake for anglers who don’t mind the abundance of luxurious features as long as it will get them into incredible fishing.

This schedule is planned to utilize a back-country camping set up.

Due to the remote venue and tough accessibility we just offer a few tour dates the upcoming season. Participation is limited to 3 Person each trip.

Duration: 6nights 4 fishing days:U$S 1.980 per person

Duration: 8 nights 6 fishing days:U$S 2.400 per person

Upcoming tour dates 2017 

October 30.- November 4. (6.) / 3 rods

November 19.- 24. (26.)              / 3 rods

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December 3.-8. (10.)                      / 3 rods

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