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„The guide’s job isn’t to make fishing easy. It’s to reveal the intricacies of a fluid puzzle; to evoke an appreciation for the relationship we share with our natural world; to lead the way.“

Will Benson, 90 Miles

LSA`s camp fishing philosophy

Camp fishing for one reason: Have a plan, but remain flexible and adaptable, enjoy great places and great experiences off the grid.


The Program

Each of our backcountry trips is individual designed. Tell us what you want and Latitud Sur Anglers will work out your Patagonia adventure.

A variety of camp facilities are used, all of which are situated on one of the many lakes and rivers throughout Patagonia well off the beaten path.

The specific venue(s) for our guests are chosen upon booking, based on each client’s expressed desires for the trip, based on the most current local water conditions, and which are fishing best.

Although many of these waters are accessible by wade fishing, many others are not. Latitud Sur Anglers maintains a selection of appropriate watercraft in order to access them all.

Season information

November to April

The Fishing

Brown trout, sea trout, salmon, rainbow, namaycush and brook trout. Just a few of the waters commonly fished include the Lago Strobel, the Corcovado, the Rio Pico, the Rio Gallegos, and some venues we want to reveal.


How to get there

Flights to Buenos Aires  and then transfer to the airstrip (AEP) for onward flight to Esquel or Rio Gallegos, El Calafate or Punta Arenas (Chile)


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