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Fly recycling, some serios thoughts


It’s told, that out there people, who obsessevely keeping flies which not used anymore. Stored appart in precious boxes and adored like a holly shrine. To reminisce unforgetable moments…

Rubbish !

Old flies have to be recycled in order to clear the mind out of old fashioned habits. And furthermore, to get free space in chronically cramped fly boxes…


Because those hooks are little masterepices, even in my case, talking about size 1/0 up to 4/0 heavy metall hardware, but far to valuable to chuck away.

razorsharp teeth

Tousled, mesed up, abused by razorsharp teeth or simply never used, now  its time to disassamble !

Its no rocket science, just use a sidecutter, normal pliers and a       razorblade, it will cut throught all materials, even kevlar tying thread.


  some creative moments later           cramped again…

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