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Gurgler & Popper for Golden Dorado

Approaching carefully the open water, one hand holding the rod the other line and fly, ready for the crucial cast. For me there’s nothing more thrilling than the sudden moment of an hunting Golden Dorado, crashing throught the surface and tearing appart preyes…

Dorado country

What comes now is rather predictable, you casting the fly into the battlefield, retrieve the line and waiting for the brutal take which rips your arm from the socket…Yes thats what everyone is expecting, but here it comes: in stead using the most common fluffy beast, I go for a huge Chernobyl pattern tied on a 4/0 hook !  The take is unforgetable, promissed !


Multistrand coated                           Piano wire

I prefere three different Hook set ups  for those rather big surface flies:

1: the shock tippet, usually a 20lbs knotable multistrand wire

2: piano wire

3: hard nylon up to 20lbs. breaking strenghts

I like to have some of each type, but there are view drawbacks:

hard nylon

Our coated multistrand wire tends to kink and cringle, normaly not because of the hard take, because of hang ups. Those are unavoidable and caused by underwater obstacles and those you hook during the back cast.

The bar strand piano wire is a much more reliable solution once out of shape you easily can straighten it without any tools. But when it comes to storing them, we are faced with dificulty because of the lenght and stiffness.

The hard nylon, isnt a regular used set up, but as our experiance and reaction time shows us, either the hook setting is allways too early, or just in  time. What means, because of the hook lengths and the knot performance, the nylon never  were close to break. But no doubt, this set up is for limitid use only !

took a huge Chernobyl…



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