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We have the pleasure to add a touch of exclusivity to our Concordia Guiding Program for our customers by adding access to the famous area called


golden dorado fly fishing

This one kilometre stretch of river located right below the dam is strictly regulated and not usually accessible to the public. The number of boats is limited and all angling is catch & release.These strict regulations turn this river section into THE trophy Golden Dorado venue worldwide! Catches of fish beyond the magic 20-kg mark on surface lures and fly gear do not raise an eyebrow here and happen regularly.

Our fishing runs the entire year, with peak season from september- december and february  to may.


golden dorado flyfishing

concordia guiding

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The Fishing

Our regular Concordia Guiding package acts as a base, namely 4 full 8-hour days of fishing right below the protected area all the way to Salto Chico. Depending on water levels, the river will change its face: fast rapids interspersed with deep holes make for perfect dorado habitat and great fishing. If water levels are right, the so-called “La Isla” – the island – can be waded and fished on foot. These areas offer great chances to tangle with dorados of up to 10 kg, unique fishing indeed.

After 4 days of fishing, often under tropical conditions, we will get access to the trophy waters on the fifth day, Saturday, for a duration of action laden 3 hours. It will be a more relaxing day as you won’t have to get up so early as we can only get to the boats by midday. It will be a somewhat shorter yet quite spectacular day so you will have ample time to be able discover the charms of the city of Concordia in the evening.

concordia guiding latitudsuranglers

golden dorado flyfishing

The Lodging

Our Hosteria is located a mere 20 minutes from the boat access and offers spacious single or double rooms, a restaurant and an outside sitting area with a refreshing pool.

The kitchen will spoil its guests with the best delicious food to be had in the region, with select argentine wines and an ice-cold beer.

golden dorado flyfishinggolden dorado flyfishinggolden dorado flyfishinggolden dorado flyfishinggolden dorado flyfishinggolden dorado flyfishing

Trophy Options

We offer our guests to tailor the program to suit their individual specific needs.

The basic 5-day program can be custom made into a 9-day stay by adding 4 consecutive fishing sorties into the prized  “Zona”, an exclusive offer by Latitude Sur Anglers!

Further information can be obtained at:


Golden Dorado Fliegenfischerforum (in German only)

tel:+ 54 / 345 /4213764

Our homepage


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